Is Fx Farms a ponzi scheme?
~ No. Fx Farms is a non-ponzi/non-gambling scheme.

So what is Fx Farms?
~ Fx farms is a financial market investment company.

How do I know that Fx Farms is not scam?

  1. Based on their credibility: they are trustworthy and transparent. They show their trade history to all investors via a 3rd party channel (MyFxBook)
  2. based on their good sustainability plan: they trade on several commodities (forex, features, shares, cryptocurrency etc) such that there’d always be enough funds to pay the investors (you and I), unlike ponzi schemes that depend heavily on the funds brought in by new comers which is used to pay old members…
  3. Responsibility: They take responsibility for all their actions and activities towards we, the investors. E.g: timely response by support team, duly registered with offices and addresses in USA, UK and Hongkong with identities of founder and his team members not hidden…

Won’t Fx Farms collapse soon like others in the past?
~ No! It won’t collapse due to it’s good sustainability plan which involves diversification in the financial market by engaging in trading several commodities where they get more than enough funds to pay the investors.

I once joined a company and after sometime, the company’s site collapsed after upgrade of the site was unsuccessful, and many people lost their funds. how am I sure that such won’t repeat in Fx Farms?
~ smiles… Based on their technical expertise, Fx Farms’ website has no server downtime. It also has strong security features that secure the site and the investors’ funds.

What are the compensation plans fx farms offers?
Fx Farms offers the following compensation plans:

  1. The Base plan
  2. The Trader plan
  3. The Lead plan
  4. The Eagle plan
  5. The president plan
  6. The AIBOTS plan
  7. The Islamic plan

Ehhhhh… I’m seeing Islamic plan, are they trying to islamise their customers?
~ Nooo! It is a strategy used to accommodate our Muslim brothers to be able to join in the investment especially in Muslim countries that do not permit investment of such.

Okay, Do I need to scout for referrals before I earn on these plans?

~No, Not necessarily!

wow that’s fabulous! So I will be earning all these without doing nothing?


Okay. Is that all about their offer?
~ No, there are more offers for you to earn if you decide to network (i.e scouting for referrals to come in and invest) with Fx Farms. These earnings are:
√ Referral earning
√ Binary earnings
√ Royalty income
√ Career Progression

So a break down of these plans pls


~ THE BASE PLAN: Allows investment of $25 – $1500 with the following compensation:
√ 1.5% daily Return On Investment (ROI) which Accumulates to 210% at the expiration of the validity period of 140 days (excluding weekends)
√ 50% of (capital) added to your wallet

FOR BUSINESS BUILDERS (For those that would like to work by getting more people to invest with Fx Farms):
√ Referral earnings: you earn 5% of the amount invested by each of your referrals.
√ Binary earnings: you earn 10% of the total investment (the lower volume) made by the downlines of your two direct referrals on any of your legs (left or right leg) with $1000 capping.
(capping here means your binary earnings will not be above $1000 per day) while remaining volume of the leg with higher amount (if any left) would be carried forward

~ THE TRADER PLAN: Allows investment of $1,501-$10,000 with the following compensations:
√ 1.65% daily ROI for 150 days
√ 60% of capital added to your wallet

√ 5% referral
√ 10% binary earnings with $1000 capping

~ THE LEAD PLAN: Allows investment of $10,001-$25,000
√ 1.85% daily ROI for 170 days
√ 70% of Capital added to your wallet

√ 5% referral bonus
√10% binary earnings with $1,500 capping
√ Royalty income: 0.5% of amount invested by anybody directly signed up by you.

~THE EAGLE PLAN: Allows investment of $25,100-$55,000.
√ 2.10% daily ROI for 185 days
√ 80% capital added to your wallet

√ 6% Referral bonus
√ 10% Binary earnings with $3500 capping
√ 0.75% Royalty income

~ THE PRESIDENT PLAN: Allows investment of $55,500 to unlimited..
√ 2.45% daily ROI for 205 days
√ 100% of capital added to your wallet

√ 7% Referral bonus
√ 10% binary earnings with $5,500 capping.
√1% Royalty income

~THE AIBOTS PLAN (promo plan): Allows investment of $1000-$45,000.
√ 1.6% – 1.9% daily ROI for 120 days depending on daily market performance
√ 100% principle added to your wallet

~ 5% Referral bonus
~ 10 binary earnings with $1,500 Capping

What about career progression plan?

~ Career program has the following Bonus:

Leader ($35,000 LHS/RHS)
$1,000 + Agent Membership

Achiever ($70,000 LHS/RHS)
$3,050 + Apple 11 Pro

Professional ($110,000 LHS/RHS)
$5,995 + Apple Macbook

Diamond ($155,550 LHS/RHS)
$10,833 + Franchise Membership

Legend ($222,200 LHS/RHS)
$19,776 + Watch

Elite ($444,000 LHS/RHS)
$56,830 + Sports Bike

VIP ($666,666 RHS/LHS)
$ 120,499 + Sports Car + iPad

How can I differentiate between a ponzi scheme from a non ponzi scheme?
~ You know the difference via the following info.:

  1. Are there Phone numbers or email of the people involved through which one can contact them?
  2. Are there Faces behind the company, have they addressed investors publicly on YouTube or any similar platform?
  3. Do the Company have offices that one can freely visit ?
  4. Are they duly Registered and registration verifiable on the internet?
  5. Are they into corporate registration using using huge amount for the registration and registration under government?
  6. What is their mean of making money or are they just dependent only on the cash new people come in to invest?
    Fx Farms has all these in tact.

How do one make payment in Fx Farms?
~Check the Fx Farms’ very quick and efficient methods of deposit and withdrawal below:
~ Bitcoin
~ Ethereum
~Perfect money

How do I pay to activate my account?
~ Meet the person that invited you. You can send him the naira equivalent of $25 $100 $300 etc for him/her to activate you or do it by yourself if you have a bitcoin wallet.

What if I have a problem & needs to contact support?

FX Farms Support (WhatsApp):
+44 7480 619460

A compilation by Nath…

How do I start investing and make this mouthwatering returns now?

For your signup guidance, contact Abban on https://www.rebrand.ly/abbanmoney

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